THE-Tuner Rs4 Fuel Rail set with one pressure regulator housing

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THE-Tuner Rs4 Fuel Rail set with one pressure regulator housing

£480.00 €560.35 $605.28
£480.00 €560.35 $605.28

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Product information:

THE- injection rail set are CNC milled and the replacement for the original OEM Rs4 injection rail. The increased internal cross-section increases the flow rate. The original safety bar can still be used for the injection rail. They are available in black or red anodized.


Advantages over the OEM part:

• higher flow rate due to larger internal cross-section


• Two fuel pressure regulators can be installed, which is necessary as soon as a more powerful fuel pump than the original is installed.



Key data:

• Material aluminum CNC milled


• Corrosion protection through anodizing


• Replacement of the OEM Rs4 injection rail


• Connection thread for fuel supply M14 x1.5


• Connection thread for fuel pressure regulator housing G1 / 4


• Available with one or two fuel pressure regulator housings


Additional information:

Our fuel rails can not be mounted on the S4/A6 intake manifold

The difference between THE- and RS4 fuel rails set is only in the screw-on brackets and intermediate line - this means that the RS4 fuel rail set cannot be mounted on the THE- HF intake manifold and the same applies to the THE- fuel rail set and the OEM RS4 intake manifold.

When using the Bosch 980cc/1500cc injectors, the THE- fuel rails must be moved down 4mm, because these injectors are 4mm shorter than the OEM RS4 injectors.

For a plug&play solution we offer 4mm spacer plates under "options".

Scope of delivery: 

Depending on option:THE- / RS4 fuel rail set with one fuel pressure regulator housing:left and right fuel rail

Intermediate line

1x fuel pressure regulator housing with screw connection

Fitting for return line

Fitting for supply line incl. hollow screw and sealing rings

Closing plug for 2nd fuel rail


Extra information:

This set can only be used with the OEM Rs4 intake manifold.


Here is the injection rail set for our THE intake manifold:

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