THE-Tuner RS4/S4 B5 oil catch can system

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THE-Tuner RS4/S4 B5 oil catch can system

£420.00 €501.73 $565.32
£420.00 €501.73 $565.32
£420.00 €501.73 $565.32
£420.00 €501.73 $565.32

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For RS4 Y-Pipe please select RS4


For S4 Y-Pipe please select S4


Select Catch Can Lid Colour (RED or BLACK)


This set is a cyclone oil separator. This works as follows: the vapors from the crankcase ventilation are directed laterally into the tank. Due to the impact on the side wall of the container and the rotary movement, the oil film collects on the inside, runs down and is returned directly to the crankcase (this means that the container does not have to be emptied). The remaining overpressure can escape upwards via the intake Y.


When using our oil separator, the original hoses with T-connection (which are usually porous or broken) are replaced.


In vehicles with a secondary air system, the secondary air pump must be removed as this space is required for the oil separator. You can find suitable locking plates under our products (Art. No. THE-B5 003 00).


The small silicone hose is responsible for the exhaust air from the N75 valve. This can be installed in the original position of the valve.


The stainless steel holder of the tank is screwed to the left of the intake manifold. The original screws can be used.


The set includes:

Containers with black or red lids

Silicone hoses with push-in

All necessary hose clamps

Stainless steel holder


Please note when ordering:

We offer two different versions of oil separator sets. A distinction must be made here whether an S4 or an Rs4 intake Y is installed. See image.


The S4 version includes an additional hose in the set, which must be used for the pressure control valve. See pictures. In addition, the line to the F hose is omitted. The connection on the F hose must be closed or replaced with a straight hose. These parts are not included in the set.


The container is available with a black or red lid. Please specify when ordering which one is desired.



The pressure control valve is not included in this set. The original can be used or a new one can be ordered directly from us (Art. No. THE-B5 022 03).


In order to create better space and to eliminate sources of error / leaks, we also recommend using our vacuum check valve set with the article number THE-B5 022 02.


It can happen that silicone hoses have to be shortened minimally in order to achieve a perfect fit.


Do not try to take the container apart! It breaks when the cover is removed!


Please keep in mind that these components are not permitted in the StVO!


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