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VIS Motorsport 2.0 TFSi EA113 Balance Shaft Deactivation Sprocket (SOLID BSD)

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VIS Motorsport 2.0 TFSi EA113 Balance Shaft Deactivation Sprocket (SOLID BSD)

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Units are made to order. 


Probably the most important upgrade for TFSI EA113 engines!





Do it now and DELETE them!




-SKF/TIMKEN  Shielded Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearing biggest that can be fitted!




Removing the rotating mass of the OE balance shaft frees up a few extra horsepower but more importantly, makes your engine rev faster. You also gain extra oil capacity and oil starvation prevention to keep your engine healthy longer.


The VIS Kit removes about 2.5KG of weight from your engine.


The simple weight reduction provides a small performance gain 15-20HP, but the much bigger gain comes from a decrease in rotating mass of the engine. By removing weight that your engine has to spin, it becomes easier for it to rev. This means a faster revving engine, easier rev matching, and even a few bonus horsepower


The Volkswagen/Audi 2.0T FSI engine has a weak point: Its counter-rotating balance shafts wear out prematurely. If your friends went through this, you already know the shafts are stupid expensive to repair, up to $1,800.


 This is an alternative to cut the cost of eventual shaft and oil pump replacement


kit eliminates the problem


What is an oil pump? Quite simply, it’s the single most important mechanical component in making sure every crucial moving part of your engine is properly lubricated, no matter how hard you drive. Getting oil to your engine’s moving parts reduces friction to an all-but-harmless level. There’s always some friction, which is why engines wear out – eventually. But without proper oil flow from a quality oil pump, your engine is toast before you know it – very expensive toast.


Your 2.0T FSI will work perfectly with the more effective  pump after you delete the balance shafts, which are part of your engine’s original oil pump assembly.


It is important to check the original crankshaft gear


replace the weaker OEM VAG part number 06F105243C on the TFSi Engine.

 delete kit FREEHEEL sproket  replace the DMF oem weak sproket


If in doubt please check your engine code, in most cases your vehicle model and engine codes can be found on a sticker on either the cam belt cover or white sticker found under the carpet in the boot. Alternatively if your engine or vehicle model is not listed please contact us before placing an order.

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