BMW M3 E90, E92, E93 - DO88 Complete Radiator & Oil Coolers Upgrade Kit

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BMW M3 E90, E92, E93 - DO88 Complete Radiator & Oil Coolers Upgrade Kit

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DO88 Performance Oil Coolers and Aluminium Radiator Kit

To Fit: BMW M3 E90. E92, E93, 2007 to 2013 all models with engine type S65B40, S65B44 and DKG / DCT transmission.

Ever since the first E30 series came along, BMW M3 has enchanted car enthusiasts around the world. The E90 series, that has been with us a few years, is no exception. By many elected the perfect combination of usability and performance. A real sports car, with room for passengers. With its well balanced chassis, its thorough construction and hefty V8, this is almost the perfect core for a race car. But only almost. Ascending liquid temperatures is one of few known issues with them. Do88 has analysed the reasons behind this, and developed a sustainable solution.

Significant advantages of the do88 BMW M3 Cooling products over the original, Kit includes:

Engine Oil Cooler OEM ref - 2284075, 17212284075
Core Volume: 5247 cm³ vs 3105 cm³, do88 69% bigger!
Active Cooling Area: 7728 cm² vs 4858 cm², do88 59% greater!
Oil Temperature: 84°C vs 103°C, do88 19% lower!
Oil Volume in Cooler: do88 13.9% larger!
See enlarged images for test data!

DKG / DCT Transmission Oil Cooler OEM ref - 17227521376
Core Volume: 2208 cm³ vs 696 cm³, do88 217% bigger!
Active Cooling Area: 3456 cm² vs 1242 cm², do88 178% greater!
Oil Temperature: 74°C vs 90°C, do88 18% lower!
Oil Volume in Cooler: do88 110% larger!
See enlarged images for test data!

Power Steering Oil Cooler OEM ref - 1711752211908
Core Volume: 1562 cm³ vs 432 cm³, do88 261% bigger!
Active Cooling Area: 578.5 cm² vs 288 cm², do88 100% greater!
Oil Volume in Cooler: do88 100% larger!

Aluminium Radiator OEM ref - 17112283468
Core Volume: 11193 cm³ vs 9795 cm³, do88 14% bigger!
Coolant Temperature: 73°C vs 79°C, do88 8% lower!
See enlarged images for test data!
This comprehensive DO88 M3 Cooling Kit is ideal for both the clubman racer and track day enthusiasts to ensure you get the maximum performance from your BMW whilst protecting the engine from overheating. Developed and extensively tested in conjunction with a German Racing Team this Kit offers a significant upgrade compared to the original parts!

Ref: BIG-M3-DCT, DO88BIG-M3-DCT, BIGM3DCT, OC-100, OC-110, OC-120, WC-190

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